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We’re a trusted team of practitioners with real insight into a wide range of energy-based aesthetic treatments and injectables. Together, we combine a commitment to excellence with advanced aesthetic techniques and an unparalleled level of aftercare.

Our patients trust us for expert advice, uncompromising standards and a personal level of service.

Why Choose Continental Skin Clinic?

Offering honest and open advice

Committed to providing excellence in service and experience

To help our clients achieve the best results possible

Luxury experience at competitive prices

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of advanced medical aesthetic techniques. Providing patients unrivalled results and experience and our professional practitioners a place to excel.

To provide an unparalleled patient journey that extends beyond treatment.

Our Mission

At Continental Skin Clinic, our mission is clear: to elevate and preserve the essence of your skin. We are dedicated to enhancing skin quality from an early age, preventing your skin from future concerns, and steering clear of surgical interventions later down the line.

Discover the epitome of skincare excellence with us.

Meet The Continental Skin Clinic Team

Dr Khine Mon

Aesthetic Doctor and Clinical Dermatologist

Hi there! I’m Dr. Khine Mon Zin, but you can call me Dr. Kamyrn. With a background in Aesthetic Medicine and an MSc in Clinical Dermatology from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, I’ve spent the past six years mastering the art and science of skincare. My journey into aesthetic medicine was born out of a deep fascination for the skin, driving me to delve into both its theoretical intricacies and practical applications.

I bring a wealth of expertise in various methods of enhancements and cosmetic aesthetics, including collagen and bio-stimulating injections, dermal fillers, toxins, and an array of skin boosters. My speciality lies in administering energy-based treatments to tackle concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne, and signs of ageing. What sets me apart is my ability to cater to diverse skin types, with particular expertise in treating the delicate brown and black skin.

I’m excited to embark on this journey with you and create personalised treatment plans that address your unique skin needs while prioritising your safety and satisfaction.

Fun facts about me:

1- I have four adorable Golden Retrievers.

2- I love Korean Drama. So dramatic!

3- I play the piano.

Dr Mariam

Aesthetic Doctor and Clinical Dermatologist

Dr. Farnaz

GMC Doctor and Aesthetic Practioner

Hello everyone, I’m Dr. Farnaz, and I’m excited to be part of this fantastic team. As a GMC registered doctor in the UK with a Bachelor’s degree in General Medicine from Iran, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our clinic.

After completing my medical studies, I chose to delve into the captivating field of Aesthetic Medicine and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements. My journey began with extensive training in one of Tehran’s busiest clinics, where I honed my skills in laser treatments and various enhancements aimed at enhancing the skin’s quality, texture, and appearance.

Currently, I’m pursuing my Level 7 diploma in Aesthetic Medicine here in London, constantly striving to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field. I’m deeply passionate about beauty in all its forms, and I’m eager to share my knowledge and expertise to help our clients achieve their aesthetic goals.

With my compassionate approach and dedication to excellence, I’m committed to providing the highest standard of care to each and every one of our valued clients. I’m thrilled to be part of this team and look forward to making a positive impact in the realm of aesthetic medicine.

Fun facts about me:

1- I have a major sweet tooth

2- I can cook well

3- I love visiting old castles!


Advanced Facialist and Laser Technician

Hello! I’m Ellie, and I’ve been deeply passionate about skin health from a young age. In the past six years, I’ve honed my expertise in a variety of skin treatments, including mesotherapy, skin boosters, and energy-based treatments like laser, IPL, and RF. I advocate proactive, consistent skincare over invasive procedures in later life. I specialise in treating acne, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation, particularly for the delicate skin of ethnic brown and black individuals. My goal is to create personalised treatment plans that evolve with my clients’ unique skin needs.

Fun Facts about Me:

1. I adore cats.

2. I’m quite frightened of spiders.

3. My guilty pleasure is shopping!


Medical Micropigmentation and Semi-Permanent Makeup Specialist

Hello, I’m Margarita, a dedicated medical micropigmentation and semi-permanent makeup specialist with a lifelong interest in the art of ink and color blending. As an advanced skin therapist, I focus on result-oriented treatments for scarring, helping clients achieve their best skin by camouflaging unwanted scars. I also assist those with Vitiligo and provide realistic 3D nipple restorations for mastectomy patients, enhancing their confidence and beauty.

Fun Facts About Me:

1. My guilty pleasure is indulging in delicious food.

2. I have a love for tattoos.

3. I’m currently developing my own range of inks!


Semi Permanent Make-up Artist

A qualified permanent makeup artist with extensive knowledge and experience in aesthetics for over 6 years.
“Time is very precious living in a fast-paced rhythm and if you asked yourself how to save it, then permanent makeup is definitely the answer for you.
My aim is to bring everyday’s confidence and accentuate your inner beauty by framing your face with a complimenting eyebrow shape and youthfully coloured lips.”


Communications & Digital Marketing Executive

Hello, I’m Lily. Currently in my third year at university, studying Neuroscience and Psychology. I merge my academic interests with a strong enthusiasm for communications and digital marketing, particularly in the aesthetics industry. My studies provide a valuable backdrop to my passions in this vibrant field. When not engrossed in my studies, I commit my spare time to children’s charities and value moments spent with my family.

Beyond my academic and professional pursuits, I enjoy expressing myself through songwriting, trying to travel to as many places as possible, and my guilty pleasure? Savouring a well-crafted cocktail.


Front of House

Hello there! I’m Waris Hussain, your go-to person at Continental Skin Clinic. Armed with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Counselling, I’m deeply passionate about people and providing top-notch service.

You’ll often find me buzzing around the clinic, eager to assist with any queries, emails, or guidance you may need. Whether it’s directing you to the right specialist or sharing insights on our treatments and products, I’m here to ensure your experience is nothing short of fantastic.

My love for beauty runs deep, so don’t be surprised if I excitedly share all about the amazing treatments and products we have to offer. It brings me joy to help others look and feel their best!

I can’t wait to welcome you with a warm smile and assist you on your journey to radiant skin and beauty!

Fun facts about me:

1- I love travelling

2- I’ll admit, I do tend to stress a bit when things aren’t perfectly organised – but hey, that just shows my dedication to providing you with a seamless experience at our clinic.


Front of House

Meet Tatyana, affectionately known as Tanya around here, our spirited Front of House and social media guru.

Hi, I’m Tanya! I have a Master’s degree in Culture and Arts from Ukraine, which helps me bring a splash of creativity and meticulous attention to detail to our team.

My organisational skills are only matched by my boundless energy, which I channel into creating vibrant, engaging social media content that captures the essence of our brand. My passion for videography isn’t just a skill; it’s the way I love to connect with people, bringing stories to life one frame at a time.

Fun facts:

1- I’m a huge lover of nature.

2- Singing talent (I was a band member once!)

3- I love cats even more than Ellie, our resident laser technician, which is, admittedly, quite a feat!

So, whether you’re interacting with me at the front desk or engaging via our online community, just know my lively spirit and professional prowess make me the perfect person to welcome you into our world.

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The skin is the body’s largest organ and plays an essential role in overall body health. Skin care plays a huge role in this. Paying attention to your skincare leaves it moisturised, replenished, and hydrated. Skincare can also help boost one’s overall confidence.

A skin care specialist or aesthetician provides services to enhance the skin’s external appearance. An aesthetician knows how to brighten your skin and keep it hydrated and youthful through procedures like facials and chemical peels.

A dermatologist, on the other hand, is a doctor who studies the skin’s overall health. Dermatologists are doctors who are trained to diagnose medical skin problems such as cysts and skin cancers.

Yes, if your treatment falls under anything medical, such as dermal fillers or skin boosters, then our trained in-house doctors will be performing your treatment. Similarly, if you require a consultation with a dermatologist regarding any skincare problems that we believe to be medical, then you will be seen by our in-house dermatologist.

If you have any other skin care problems that fall under typical skin issues, such as acne, pigmentation, melasma, scarring, etc., then you will be treated by one of the trained aestheticians from our specialist team.

You can find us in the heart of Central London at 108-110 Judd St, Kings Cross, London, WC1H 9PX.

Yes, all first-time clients must have a consultation on their first appointment to go over their medical history, understand their concern/s and what results they are expecting so our professional practitioners can assess and recommend a suitable course of treatment. We are able to leave time for the treatment you are interested in after your consultation so that you only have to come to the clinic once for your first time! 

Consultations and patch tests are £30; however, this fee is redeemable 100% from any treatment or purchase on the day of the consultation or up to 90 days after.

If you change your mind about having treatment, that is absolutely fine. You will only be charged £30 for the consultation (if you had one). If you haven’t had your consultation and would like to cancel your booking, you can call or email us at least 24 hours before your appointment to cancel and receive a full refund.

We offer the option of paying in instalments for a course / package of treatments.

Most treatments can only be had by patients aged 18+. However, for deep cleansing facials, we treat teens from the age of 13, provided they have parental consent and a chaperone. From the age of 16, we are able to provide laser or IPL treatments, provided they have parental consent & chaperone.

No. We love our little ones however, for their own safety, no children or pets are allowed on the premises.

The ground floor is wheelchair accessible and available to provide all treatments. Unfortunately, there are no WCs on the ground floor due to building restrictions.

Yes, all treatment rooms are private.

Yes, we have an exciting Treats program!

For every £1 spent on treatment, you receive 1 point. For every £1 spent on the product, you receive 2 points. For every Google review and friend referral, you receive 75 points. These points can be redeemed against a set of treatments. Please get in touch with us for details.