Skin Booster Injections: Unlock Your Skin’s Potential

Skin Booster Injections, Magic or Not?

Skin booster injections have revolutionised the skincare industry, with many calling their effects nothing short of miraculous. They offer an effective way to combat ageing and enhance the skin’s natural beauty. So, I hear you ask curiously and perhaps hesitantly, is this skin booster treatment really as magical as it seems?

Well, in this blog post, we’ll explore the incredible effects of skin booster treatment and delve into the specific products offered at our clinic. As someone with very critical thinking, I completely understand that being properly informed is the only way to make a decision about your skin and body. Especially when it comes to cosmetic injections such as skin booster treatment. So, without further ado, I’ve enlisted the help our team of GMC registered doctors and licensed practitioners to help me create the ultimate guide to all our skin boosters.

skin booster injections, skin booster treatment

What are Skin Boosters?

Skin Boosters, also known as biostimulators, are advanced skincare treatments designed to enhance the skin’s natural functions and improve its overall appearance. They include a range of biological and bioactive ingredients that stimulate the skin to regenerate and renew itself. By deeply hydrating the skin, enhancing its elasticity, and promoting collagen production, skin boosters effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines, combating signs of ageing for a smoother, firmer, and more youthful complexion.

Injectable skin boosters are ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their skin quality, and mitigate the effects of ageing, including the formation of wrinkles and deep lines. Additionally, those desiring well-hydrated and healthy-looking skin often opt for this procedure.

exosomes skin boosters. cosmetic injections

How do Skin Booster Injections Work?

The effectiveness of skin boosters can vary depending on their ingredients. They often include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, amino acids, peptides, collagen, polynucleotides, vitamins, coenzymes, exosomes and other bioactive substances aimed at enhancing skin health. 

skin boosters. cosmetic injections.

Hyaluronic acid, a natural component found in the skin and joints, serves to moisturise and hydrate. Injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin layers effectively replenishes moisture, promoting hydration and skin health.

Furthermore, collagen, a crucial protein forming the structural foundation of connective tissues in the body, including skin, can also be utilised in skin booster formulations. Collagen aids in wound healing and contributes to the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Moreover, fibroblasts, responsible for collagen synthesis, rely on amino acids and peptides for their function. With ageing, the number of fibroblasts decreases, necessitating supplementation with amino acids to support collagen production and maintain skin integrity.

Finally, exosomes are a skin booster treatment as they work by delivering growth factors and signalling molecules to target cells, promoting cellular regeneration, collagen production, and overall skin rejuvenation.

The synergistic action of these ingredients facilitates skin rejuvenation. This will result in improved hydration, firmness, radiance, elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, and a youthful appearance. By nourishing the skin and stimulating collagen production, skin booster injections contribute to overall skin health and vitality.


Different Types of Skin Booster Injections and What They Do:


Profhilo® is an advanced hyaluronic acid treatment that deeply hydrates and revitalises the skin. Not only does it boost and hydrate the skin, but it also remodels ageing and sagging tissue. With high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, it stimulates collagen and elastin production, improving firmness and elasticity. It’s commonly used on the face and neck and can also be used for the décolletage, hands, arms, knees and abdomen area, where it would effectively treat skin laxity. Theglutathione injection. Skin booster treatment. treatment is suitable for men and women as well as offering skin benefits for patients of all ages.  

Jalupro Superhydro:

Jalupro Superhydro skin booster is an advanced bio-revitalisation treatment. It combines Amino acid replacement Therapy, biopeptides, and high concentrations of hyaluronic acid. By rebuilding collagen in connective tissue, it enhances facial structure, providing a noticeable lifting effect. Additionally, the Jalupro skin booster offers deep and long-lasting hydration. This helps with reducing wrinkles and other signs of ageing for a more youthful appearance.

Jalupro Young Eye:

Jalupro Young Eye skin booster is specifically designed to tighten and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes by revitalising collagen production. It targets common concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles, which are often among the earliest signs of ageing in this area. As someone with chronic dark under eyes, this makes the Jalupro skin booster one of my personal favourites! 


Restylane skin booster injections use microdroplets of hyaluronic acid infused beneath the skin surface. These attract water molecules, offering long-term deep hydration. The result is a refreshed and radiant appearance that endures. Acting as a skin refresher, Restylane skin boosters provide a rejuvenated look that maintains your natural appearance, albeit a few years younger.

Revive Skin Booster:

Revive is a versatile skin booster that targets early signs of sun damage and ageing. By deeply hydrating the skin, improving elasticity, and reducing skin pigmentation, Revive restores vitality and radiance to the complexion. This product is ideal for those seeking to address multiple skin concerns and achieve flawless skin.


Radiesse is a renowned skin booster that delivers exceptional results in skin tightening and volumisation. With its unique composition of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres, Radiesse stimulates collagen production and restores facial contours for a youthful appearance. This product is particularly effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, providing long-lasting rejuvenation.


Sculptra is a powerful skin booster that stimulates collagen synthesis, resulting in improved skin texture and firmness. By replenishing lost volume and enhancing facial contours, Sculptra restores youthfulness and vitality to the skin. This product is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a gradual and natural-looking rejuvenation.


Lanluma is a cutting-edge skin booster that harnesses the regenerative properties of polylactic acid to enhance skin quality and texture. By promoting collagen production and improving skin elasticity, Lanluma revitalises the complexion and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This product is ideal for those looking to achieve smoother, more radiant skin.


NucleoFill is a skin booster that targets the underlying causes of ageing, such as DNA damage and cellular deterioration. By delivering essential nutrients and antioxidants to the skin, NucleoFill promotes cellular repair and regeneration, resulting in firmer, more youthful-looking skin. This product is suitable for individuals of all ages seeking comprehensive skin rejuvenation.


Final Words

In conclusion, skin boosters offer an exciting new solution for unlocking your skin’s full potential and preventing or combatting signs of ageing. With a range of the best injectable skin boosters on the market, we can tailor your treatment to address your specific skin concerns, providing the finest personalised service in the industry. By breaking down the science involved, I hope I’ve given some clarity and reassurance to anyone considering beginning their skincare journey with us!

As always, I’ll see you in the next one 🙂

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Cosmetic Injections: Your Complete Guide

Cosmetic Injections: Your Ultimate Guide

Aesthetic medicine is a relatively new field in the medical sciences that is evolving rapidly. Every day, we see a brand-new treatment for various aesthetic concerns. Aesthetic injections are no different. They are one of the most popular treatments in this field, which can sometimes be confusing due to the different names and brands out there. We will have a holistic review of these brilliant treatments in the aesthetic field.

To help create this ultimate guide, I have enlisted the help of our specialist in-house doctors while we delve into all the injectables we offer, from anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to skin boosters and glutathione!

Dark under eye treatment. anti-wrinkle injections. cosmetic injections

Anti-wrinkle Injections:

anti-wrinkle injections. cosmetic injecitons. Anti-wrinkle injections, also known as toxin treatments, are one of the oldest and most popular aesthetic cosmetic injections. Most of the lines and wrinkles in our skin are caused by the repetitive muscle movements underneath, so we call them dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles can be treated by paralysing the muscles underneath, as long as they are not visible at rest. After long-term muscle movement, these lines can be permanent, so we will see them not only through muscle contraction but also at rest. At this stage, we need to recruit other types of aesthetic treatments, like dermal fillers or energy-based devices, to eliminate the lines and wrinkles.

There are different brands of toxins on the market for anti-wrinkle injections, but the ingredients are basically the same. A medical professional could make a clinical-based decision to choose the most appropriate treatment.

Our Medical doctors in our clinic will help you have the safest anti-wrinkle treatment that best suits your skin concern.

dermal fillers. cosmetic injections

Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers are a type of cosmetic injections which help you to volumise the desired part of your body. The most popular type of dermal fillers are Hyaluronic acid-based fillers which is a natural volumiser in our body. Various brands on the market utilise hyaluronic acid to make different fillers which can be used in the various parts of the body based on the amount of the filling effect we want to achieve. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are also popular due to the availability of the hyaluronidase enzyme, which can undo any unwanted outcome.

There are other types of dermal fillers with different components like:

Calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA): Radiesse Dermal Filler

Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA): Sculptra Dermal Filler

Poly-D, L-lactic acid (PDLLA): Juve Look and LENISNA Dermal Fillers 


These are long-lasting collagen stimulant fillers that naturally enhance and volumise the look. They are biodegradable but not reversible, which means that your body will degrade the component after a certain amount of time, but no enzyme is available to dissolve the filler. That’s why you always need to have an experienced medical professional deliver any type of dermal filler for you.

Our Medical professional team at Continental Skin Clinic aims to create a holistic treatment plan that will allow you to receive dermal fillers in the safest and most natural-looking way possible.

Skin Boosters:

Skin boosters are a type of aesthetic injectable treatment composed of hyaluronic acid, different peptides, enzymes, vitamins and other essential ingredients to rejuvenate and boost your skin. There are different types of skin boosters available in the market in terms of different branding and components. Our ultimate goal in introducing skin boosters to the skin is to enhance skin texture in the most natural way possible. The different components of skin boosters help skin cells to produce collagen and elastin and make the skin hydrated and rejuvenated, improve texture, and even cause tightening and firmness for an overall reconstructed youthful skin.

When choosing a skin booster that suits your skin the best, consider your skin concern, age, skin type, and treatment area. Please note that skin boosters are not dermal fillers, so they are not supposed to have a volumising effect. Instead, they will enhance your overall skin appearance in the most natural way.

Therefore, we will advise on the number of sessions of treatment you will need based on each brand’s instruction and clinical evaluation.

We currently offer several skin booster injections, each targeted towards different concerns, such as:

  • Profhilo:

exosomes skin boosters. cosmetic injectionsProfhilo not only replenishes moisture levels but also restores ageing and sagging tissue, restoring a youthful glow. With its potent blend of hyaluronic acid, Profhilo stimulates collagen and elastin production, resulting in improved firmness and elasticity. Ideal for the face, neck, décolletage, and more, the Profhilo treatment offers comprehensive skin rejuvenation for patients of all ages.

  • Jalupro Super Hydro:

This is an advanced biorevitalization treatment formulated with Amino Acids Replacement Therapy, biopeptides, and high-grade hyaluronic acid. By replenishing collagen in the connective tissue, Jalupro Superhydro treatment enhances facial contours, delivering a noticeable lifting effect. This treatment also provides deep, long-lasting hydration, effectively reducing wrinkles and other signs of ageing for a radiant, youthful complexion.

  • Jalupro Young Eye:

The Jalupro Young Eye treatment is specially crafted to tighten and refresh the delicate skin around your eyes. Targeting common concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles, Jalupro Young Eye revitalizes collagen production for a brighter, more youthful appearance. Say goodbye to signs of ageing and hello to vibrant, refreshed eyes with Jalupro Young Eye.

… And many more


Glutathione Injections:

glutathione injections. cosmetic injections.

Glutathione injections contain glutathione, an antioxidant that can be found naturally in our body. It is made from the amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamic. Glutathione can help with tissue rebuilding, tissue repair, and immune system function. We recruit these abilities to help brighten the skin, unify the skin tone, and create a healthier complexion.

We advise our patients to have Glutathione injections alone or in addition to other pigmentation treatments like Laser toning and Cosmelan treatments. Like any other antioxidant and supplement treatment, you need to consult with a medical professional to avoid any adverse effects on your body.

At Continental Skin Clinic, our medical team will help you develop the most pleasant and beneficial treatment plan for hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Our blog post on glutathione injections can give you more information about this exciting treatment!


Pain Management:

Cosmetic injections can be beneficial in many skin concerns in both male/female adults. However, there are always some concerns regarding the pain involved in injections. We aim to minimise any pain during the injection by utilising different techniques such as using the thinnest needles possible, distraction techniques during injection, applying numbing cream before the treatment, or even having local anaesthesia injection to make sure you have the most comfortable treatment in our clinic. Our stress balls are always there available for you as well.


Most aesthetic injections have minimal downtime. However, adhering to our safety advice is necessary to gain the best results. 

You need to avoid any strenuous exercises, swimming, sauna or flushes to the injection area, like alcohol consumption, for 24-48 hours after your treatment. Like any other injection, you need to keep the injected area clean to avoid superinfection, so it is advisable to avoid using makeup for at least one day after your treatment. There may be some swelling, bruising, redness, or tenderness in the injection areas which will resolve in a couple of hours to days based on the treatment area or technique.

Some types of aesthetic injection need some special aftercare which will be advised by your medical professional after your treatment.


Why choose Continental Skin Clinic for aesthetic injections?

We are a medical professional team of GMC-registered doctors and dermatologists. Our aim is to deliver aesthetic treatments based on the most updated medical sciences and in the safest way available. We also offer treatment plans based on the individual’s aesthetic concern to provide the most natural results possible.

 In terms of the brands, we have the most popular pharmaceutical brands in the market that we offer at competitive prices compared to central London.

Book your consultation with our expert team today and enjoy your aesthetic treatment journey.


Now that we know a little about the different cosmetic injections and their benefits, let’s delve into some frequently asked questions that I have asked our in-house doctor, Dr Farnaz.


What is the difference between cannula and needles for aesthetic injection?

Cannulas are blunt flexible needles that can be used in aesthetic injectable treatments. Using a cannula minimises vascular injuries, which is its most important benefit. Vascular occlusion is a relatively serious side effect of dermal filler injections. Injecting the product into the vessels can lead to this complication. Therefore, cannulas are considered safer and easier in many aesthetic injections due to the lower probability of these adverse effects. However, we sometimes need to use normal needles for special treatments that cannulas can’t perform.

During the consultation, our medical professionals at Continental Skin Clinic can help you choose the best treatment option for you


Are these cosmetic injections safe?

These injections are generally considered safe when administered by experienced aesthetic professionals who adhere to established guidelines for each procedure. Choosing a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner ensures a safer journey throughout the treatment process.


Which treatment is the best for me?

After a thorough consultation addressing your specific skin concerns, your aesthetic professional can recommend the most suitable treatment option for you.


How long do these treatments last?

The duration of these treatments varies depending on the specific products and techniques used. Treatment effects typically range from 6 months to 18 months. It’s recommended to schedule touch-up treatments to maintain optimal results over time.


Are there any side effects/downtime with these treatments?

These treatments involve injections, which may result in potential side effects such as swelling, bruising, redness, and discomfort. The downtime associated with each treatment can vary depending on the injection method utilised. However, you will receive a thorough consultation to address all aspects of the treatments, including potential side effects and downtime.

Final Words

As you can tell, we offer many cosmetic injections, from anti-wrinkle injections to skin boosters such as Profhilo and glutathione!

If you are interested in any of the cosmetic injections we discussed today, please feel free to book an appointment through our booking system! Alternatively, you can visit any of our treatment pages if you need more information.

We hope our blog has helped you understand more about the world of cosmetic injections. We look forward to helping you achieve your best self!

Glutathione Injections for Skin Brightening: What You Need to Know

Your Ultimate Guide to the Benefits of Glutathione Injections for Skin Brightening and the Immune System

Your comprehensive guide to the advantages of Glutathione Injections for Skin Brightening and Immune System Boost! In order to provide you, our esteemed customers and clients, with this guide, we consulted our expert in-house doctors to address some common questions. This article will cover all the essential information you need to know, including the cost of glutathione injections, their benefits, how they work, and where you can schedule an appointment to see the results for yourself!

What is Glutathione?

Dr Farnaz:

benefits of glutathione injections, glutathione injection cost

Glutathione is a tripeptide made up of L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and glycine. It is produced in cells throughout the body and plays pivotal roles in several biological processes, such as neutralising free radicals, detoxification, maintaining cellular redox balance, and supporting the immune system. Glutathione is also involved in iron metabolism and is believed to help maintain the integrity of the blood-brain barrier.

Research shows that increased glutathione levels are associated with better health outcomes, including a reduced risk of illnesses and better cholesterol, body mass index, and blood pressure levels in elderly individuals! To put it simply, glutathione is a superhero substance – various conditions such as neuroinflammation, neurodegenerative diseases, infection, cancer, and age-related ailments like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease are all linked to lower levels of glutathione.

Furthermore, glutathione improves skin pigmentation through its anti-melanogenic properties. Essentially, glutathione inhibits melanogenesis and removes free radicals, and this improves skin pigmentation because the overproduction of melanin is the primary cause of hyperpigmentation. This means glutathione is very effective at treating skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation.


Do glutathione injections whiten skin?

Dr Farnaz explains that it’s best to reframe this question: instead of “whitening,” the term “brightening” is more appropriate. These brightening injections reduce melanin production and pigmentation and, therefore, brighten and even your skin tone. However, it’s crucial to emphasise that the body’s natural processes determine the extent of your skin brightening. So, it’s important to keep in mind that your goal with this treatment should be to achieve brighter, even skin rather than to change your skin colour artificially. Our goal at Continental Skin Clinic is always to enhance your natural beauty rather than change it!


How long does it take for glutathione to lighten skin?

Patience is key! Like any treatment, individual results will vary, and this can depend on various factors such as skin type, genetics, and overall health. It’s important to remember that skin lightening is a secondary benefit of glutathione; its primary purpose is to function as an anti-oxidant within the body. Therefore, consistency with this treatment is vital as it will take time for the results to become noticeable. Usually, the process of lightening the skin complexion takes a few weeks to months after adopting a glutathione regimen. Ultimately, the time it takes to see results depends on your skin tone; for example, Light-medium brown skin: 1-3 months, Dark brown skin: 3-6 months, Very dark skin: 6-12 months & Black skin: 18 months minimum.

How much glutathione is needed to lighten skin?

It’s important to note that health authorities have not approved a specific dose for glutathione injections. However, for our treatment protocol, we offer intramuscular injections ranging from 2400mg to 3600mg per week for up to 12 weeks. After the initial treatment period, we recommend maintenance doses to sustain the desired results over time. It’s crucial to follow the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional when undergoing glutathione injections to ensure safety and effectiveness.


Will I get darker if I stop taking glutathione?

Maintaining a consistent skincare routine is essential for promoting healthy and radiant skin. Regardless of specific treatments, a regular skincare regimen helps to keep the skin in optimal condition and maintain its best appearance. This routine typically includes cleansing, moisturizing, sun protection, and targeted treatments for specific concerns. By prioritising skincare habits and adhering to a personalised routine, individuals can help preserve their skin’s health and appearance over time.


Can glutathione change skin tone?

Glutathione can potentially lead to a brighter and more radiant skin tone by inhibiting melanin production. However, its effects on skin tone vary among individuals, and results may be subtle.


Is Vitamin C better than glutathione for skin whitening?

While these products can help achieve a more even and brighter skin tone, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any regimen. Your doctor can provide personalised advice and recommendations based on your skin type, concerns, and medical history. They can help determine the best products or treatments that suit your individual needs and ensure their safety and effectiveness. Always seek professional guidance to achieve the best results for your skin. At Continental Skin Clinic, we will provide a thorough consultation with our in-house doctors before starting any of our treatments! 

benefits of glutathione injections, glutathione injection cost


How to become fair with glutathione?

Glutathione cannot change your inherent skin type or make you fairer. Skin type, determined by genetics, remains largely unchanged throughout life. Glutathione may help achieve a brighter and more even skin tone. Glutathione achieves this by reducing pigmentation and enhancing radiance, but it cannot alter your natural skin type. It’s important to approach skincare treatments, including glutathione, with realistic expectations and to prioritize overall skin health and well-being.


Can glutathione cause skin darkening?

There have not been any scientific reports regarding this matter.


Does glutathione make you look younger?

Glutathione’s antioxidant properties can promote skin health, reduce pigmentation, and enhance collagen production. This can help contribute to a more youthful appearance by reducing the visible signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and age spots.


Final Words

As you can tell, glutathione is a very important, powerful antioxidant for our bodies! The benefits of glutathione injections are observed more when injected than when taken orally. So, if you want to achieve brighter, clearer skin, then book today for glutathione injections in the UK with us! We believe in making our treatments accessible for everyone, so we ensure our glutathione injection costs are competitive, and we offer course prices which work out cheaper than single-session purchases!

You can book directly through our booking system. However, if you want more information, feel free to visit our glutathione injection treatment page!

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You can use the comments below to ask your Glutathione related questions directly to Dr Farnaz.