Excess Facial and Body Fat

We are happy to provide expert fat loss procedures and body contouring treatments that are both non-invasive and simple to undertake.

What is excess facial and body fat?

Excess body and facial fat, and cellulite can cause a variety of cosmetic issues, caused by fat cells protruding due to constricted fibrous bands under the skin. For those with stubborn areas of excess fat on their body, it can be disheartening when trying to shift it as weight-loss is difficult to target a specific area. More common areas where people may wish to get rid of excess body fat and improve their body shape include the thighs, breasts, hips, buttocks, chin, knees, and upper arms.

Excess Facial and Body Fat Causes

  • Genetics. Obesity has a strong genetic component. Children of parents with obesity are much more likely to have obesity than children of lean parents.
  • Diet. Heavily processed foods are often little more than refined ingredients mixed with additives.
  • Insulin levels. While insulin’s role in obesity is controversial, several studies suggest that high insulin levels have a causal role in the development of obesity.
  • Medications. Many pharmaceutical drugs can cause weight gain as a side effect, for example, antidepressants have been linked to modest weight gain over time.

How we can help

We have multiple excess fat treatment & product options. All will help with contouring the face and body as well as assist with health and lifestyle coaching which can contribute toward a significant reduction of excess  fat and a much healthier lifestyle.

The type of treatment will depend on your consultation it can be any or a mix of the following treatments:

  • Dimagra, a 21 Day System followed by 42 Day Maintenance method to lose fat, increase lean mass, improve skin tone, and remodel the silhouette.
  • EnCurve treatment which uses RF energy to oscillate (shake) fat cells to build heat until they reach the end point of cell death. The dead fat cells are removed through the body’s natural waste processes. This is ideal for the upper arms, abs, love handles, thighs and knees and involves placing the head applicator over the targeted areas to penetrate the body with no pain experienced.
  • Ultraformer III uses HIFU, which stands for ‘High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound’, to target various depths of the body’s tissue for skin tightening, skin lifting, and body contouring treatment. Ultraformer III treatment for the face works as a non-invasive facelift by tightening the skin and targeting the ‘V’ line formation and jowls.
  • Aqualyx is an effective fat-dissolving procedure that can remove stubborn fat in common areas that struggle to reduce by exercise or nutrition programs alone. Address concerns with a double chin, the lower face, the thighs, and any other area of concern. Using natural plant-based compounds to break down excess fat, Aqualyx is a proven way to eliminate stubborn fat cells including hard-to-treat areas such as buccal fat.
  • Dermal filler can be used to contour the jawline and build a slimmer face shape. This treatment is will be tailored to your face shape and is great for achieving a more defined and slimmer jawline.
  • Muscle Slimming injections is great for reducing the size of the masseter muscles and a receding (weak) chin for a more contoured and V-shaped face.
  • EvolveX

How to prevent excess facial and body fat

As well as choosing fat loss procedures to aid in slimming down, there are some ways you can adjust your diet and lifestyle that will help prevent the amount of excess fat if you are concerned with this getting worse. These include:

  • Improve your diet and maintain a healthy weight
  • Reducing your alcohol consumption
  • Increasing exercise
  • Reducing your stress
  • Improving your sleep pattern
  • Quit smoking

All of the above will aid in preventing the build-up and helps to get rid of excess body fat. However, if you already have concerns with existing excess fat build-up, we have body contouring and fat loss procedures to help you.

For this concern, you can use one of our standalone or combined in a personalised treatment plan procedures:

– Ultraformer 3 HIFU

– Anti Sweat Injections

– Fractional RF Microneedling

– Muscle Slimming Injections

– Fat Dissolving Injections 

– Dermal Fillers 

– Body Sculpting and Contouring 

And others depending on the skin state and are of concern. Please bear in mind that finalised treatment plan can be chosen only after face-to-face assessment for the best result.

Treatments for Excess Facial & Body Fat

muscle slimming injections

Muscle Slimming Injections

This treatment can effectively weaken masseter muscles, disabling night time teeth grinding and over time reduce the size of the muscles.

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Fat Dissolving Injections

Aqualyx is an injectable compound that is made up of acids from deoxycholate also known as Motolese’s Solution.

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HIFU treatment, HIFU before and after

HIFU Ultraformer III

FDA and CE approved, Ultraformer III treatment is the most advanced HIFU technology which acts as a non-surgical alternative for a facelift.

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Most times excess facial and body fat is hard to get rid of, even with a healthy diet and exercise, however those are the best remedies to target them.

Though there are many products that claim to target excess facial and body fat, they are not as effective as in-clinic treatments. We recommend coming into the clinic for a consultation to better assess your concerns.

Depending on the treatment, there are certain risks and side effects, however our therapists and doctors are highly qualified to ensure any complications are minimised.

Yes, your lifestyle and diet can help reduce excess facial and boy fat. Regular exercise and healthy diet can help maintain treatments done in-clinic as well.

Yes exercise is a great way to reduce excess facial and body fat.

Depending on the treatment, results are usually seen 6-12 weeks after the first treatment. This is because the body needs time to get rid of the fat which has been treated through the lymphatic system.

Effects of excess fat in the body can have a profound impact on overall health and often resulting from poor dietary habits, a sedentary lifestyle, or genetic predisposition, can lead to obesity with significant health consequences. The effects of excess fat in the body encompass a wide spectrum of issues, including an elevated risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, joint problems, and compromised mental well-being. Moreover, understanding the effects of excess fat in the body is essential for promoting health awareness. Long-term effects of excess fat in the body not only impair physical health but also impact psychological and social well-being, leading to decreased self-esteem and an increased risk of depression. Recognizing the effects of excess fat in the body underscores the importance of proactive lifestyle choices to maintain a healthy weight and mitigate associated health risks. The body’s response to excess fat involves systemic inflammation, insulin resistance, and metabolic disturbances, heightening susceptibility to chronic diseases and respiratory complications like sleep apnea. Acknowledging the detrimental impacts of excess fat further emphasizes the need for health-conscious decisions to combat its adverse effects on the body.

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