Facial Volume Loss

Collagen and elastin are essential for supporting the structure of the skin and elasticity. As we age, these two components decrease and results in a loss of volume in the face in some key areas such as the cheekbones, the under-eye area, and the cheeks, especially when paired with increased fat pads lower in the face and neck. Check our best anti ageing treatment today!

What is Facial Volume Loss?

First signs of an ageing face can be quite stressful for everyone, even though it is a natural process of life. Facial volume loss appears in all people, usually due to the effects of ageing. As we get older, our faces lose both fat and also bone, along with a reduction in collagen and hyaluronic acid in our skin, as well as potential muscle loss in face.  The environment we live in and our genetics can also play their part in how and when facial volume is lost.

The loss of facial volume loss is generally most noticeable in the cheeks, temples and in the areas underneath the eyes, but can also affect any area of the face. Symptoms of facial volume loss are are the development of a gaunt, hollow, or drawn look and with wrinkles, folds and sagging skin becoming more prominent.

Effects of Facial Volume Loss

Depending on one’s lifestyle choices, health and diet, this can affect how quickly or slowly the skin can age and can make one look older than their actual age. The most common effects of facial volume loss are the following:

  • Loss of volume at temples
  • Lowered eyelids
  • Volume loss in cheeks
  • Deeper nasolabial fold
  • Marionette lines
  • Sagging jowls
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Temples and cheeks become hollowed (accentuating the appearance of the underlying bone structure)

Luckily, at Continental Skin Clinic we offer treatments combined with anti ageing facial products to help rectify this and turn back years of ageing for a more youthful appearance.

Reasons for Facial Volume Loss

Facial volume loss can make you look older, resulting in droopy and saggy skin. It also causes facial imbalances, by reducing the volume around the jawlines, instead of a youthful heart shaped face with higher, fuller cheeks. This can make a person look tired all the time, and also be less confident in their appearance.

There are multiple reasons for facial volume loss, some of which are:

  • Anti ageing treatments for face- As we age our collagen and elastin decrease, this causes skin to sag over time.
  • Weight loss – Excessive or extreme weight loss can cause skin to droop.
  • Sun damage – UVA and UVB rays can wreck damage on skin, speeding up the ageing process. 
  • Hormone imbalance/medical conditions – Fluctuations in hormones, or certain conditions cause skin ageing.
  • Genetics – Our genetic predisposition can play a factor on how our skin looses volume as we age.
  • Stress – Emotional stress causes muscles to contract more than normally, which can lead to sagging skin.
  • Sports & athletics – Also referred to as “runner’s face” this causes a gaunt look, making you look older.

How we can help

With the help of our experts, we have a variety of treatments to address the loss of volume in the face. We can help improve feature definition to restore a youthful volume and bring balance to the face. Иest anti ageing treatment for treating loss of volume in the face and cheeks include:

  • Dermal filler treatments – These specialised treatments can help shape and restore plumpness to fill out sunken facial areas caused by volume loss. Injectables are used to temporarily replace volume, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give instant volume. They are usually used on the cheeks, temples, and lips or under the eyes. 
  • Profhilo – Ultra-pure hyaluronic acid is used to boost the skin’s own production of collagen while refining and hydrating the skin. Profhilo stimulates collagen and elastin, attracting water in the deeper layers of the skin
  • 3D Fractional Microneedling RF – High-intensity focused RF uses your body’s own reaction to tighten the skin with insulated microneedles. For skin tightening and volumising, it encourages new cell production to tighten sagging jowls, creepy skin and more. 
  • HIFU Ultraformer III –  Uses targeted ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production deep in skin tissues, resulting in collagen regeneration for firmer and long-lasting skin tightening effects.
  • Mesotherapy – A simple and fast treatment with no downtime to boost vitamins and minerals directly into your skin. Reduce fine lines, lacklustre and dull skin. It also improves the radiance and hydration of the skin.
  • Radiasse – This is a CaHA filler used for smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds.  It can be used to improve facial fat loss and add volume to the hands.
  • Sculptra – Helps in replenishing your own facial collagen, which restores volume in the face that has been lost.

For this concern, you can use one of our standalone or combined in a personalised treatment plan procedures:

– Chemical Peels


– Anti Wrinkle Injections

– HIFU – Ultraformer III

– Body Sculpting and Contouring Treatment 

– Laser Toning

– Skin Boosters

– Anti Wrinkle Injections

– Dermal Fillers

And others depending on the skin state and are of concern. Please bear in mind that finalised treatment plan can be chosen only after face-to-face assessment for the best result.

How to prevent facial volume loss

The three main causes of loss of volume in the face and cheeks are hormonal changes, environmental factors, extreme diet, and exercise.

Everybody experiences different reasons for their face losing volume as it is a natural part of the ageing process, but diet and lifestyle are big factors in determining the effect on your skin.

The loss of definition and shape from youthful high cheekbones and plump skin can be prevented by:

  • Regular use of sunscreen
  • Healthy diet and exercises 
  • Prevention of stress inducing activities 

Treatments for Facial Volume Loss

dermal fillers

Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers are also known as filler collagen injections are used for facial aesthetic treatments and are injected into the skin.

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HIFU treatment, HIFU before and after

HIFU Ultraformer III

FDA and CE approved, Ultraformer III treatment is the most advanced HIFU technology which acts as a non-surgical alternative for a facelift.

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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Over time, the skin begins to age, collagen and elastin break down, and fine lines or wrinkles start to appear on the skin.

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skin booster injections

Skin Boosters

For intense skin hydration, skin laxity, all-round glow and suppleness, look no further than our injectable skin boosters (mesotherapy).

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Fractional Microneedling RF

Many patients want to look younger. With age, the quality and elasticity of the skin deteriorate, creating fine lines and wrinkles,

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As with any treatments, there is a chance of side effects and the possibility of risks, however, our therapists and doctors are fully qualified to ensure the best and safest results.

Facial volume loss is part of the natural ageing process, but with proper skin treatments, the rate of volume loss can be decreased and skin can stay tighter for as long as possible.

Eating a diet with adequate nutrition, avoiding extreme or rapid weight gain and weight loss, abstaining from smoking, avoiding unneccessary sun exposure, and applying SPF50 daily can help improve facial volume loss.

The right treatments can help to reverse facial volume loss without having to go under the knife. We offer many alternatives to a surgical face lift that can help replace loss volume in the skin.

The best way how to restore volume to your face naturally is to use a set of devices that will work on a collagen and elastic you already have into your skin to tighten and uplift it and recreate more youthful look. It all can depend on different factors such as age, environment, hormonal balance, lifestyle etc.

The best way to restore facial volume without fillers is by using advanced machines with appropriate skincare to achieve more tightened and youthful look. Bear in mind that age factor and life style play a huge role in achieving a great result, therefore, it is important to get a consultation first and see whether it would be more beneficial to do a procedure with or without injections.

If you noticed sudden fat loss in face you have to understand that it may be a serious sign of an illness, therefore, before treating it aesthetically you should check it with GP. In regards to the procedure, there are aesthetic ways how to restore the volume, the most popular way would be injections which could either help to stimulate collagen production in the area of concern or recreate the volume itself.

We offer non surgical face contouring procedures that would include natural lifting and tightening of the skin and helping to enhance features and recreate a more youthful look.

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