Lip Pigmentation Treatment: A Success Story

Discover the Success of Lip Pigmentation Treatments with Our Clients.

Ageing, smoking, dehydration, and sun exposure contribute to lip pigmentation challenges. At Continental Skin Clinic, we have a variety of lip pigmentation treatments that can help transform your lips. Laser lip lightening, a non-invasive and painless treatment, breaks down pigment, improving lip appearance. Semi-permanent make-up masks pigmentation without breaking down the actual pigment. Our preferred approach is to start by actually breaking down the pigment via laser before we consider masking it with semi-permanent makeup. However, the choice of treatment and approach will be affected by factors such as skin type, commitment, budgets, certainty of outcome, etc.

Procedures for Lip Pigmentation Treatment: Options Galore

  1. Laser Lip Bleaching: Scientifically proven to break down skin pigment using a laser, similar to tattoo removal and hyperpigmentation treatments.
  2. Lip Hydrating Injection: Combat darkening due to ageing and dehydration with injections containing peptides, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid.
  3. Glutathione IM Booster: A powerful antioxidant detoxifying the body, resulting in an even skin tone, lips included.
  4. Semi-Permanent Make-Up: Discolouration is transformed using a unique tattooing method, achieving the desired shade and concealing hyperpigmentation.


Before the Treatment: Preparation is Key

Wondering how to prepare for a successful lip pigmentation treatment? Begin by scheduling a consultation with our specialists to discuss your goals. Prior to your session, avoid tanning beds and limit sun exposure 30 days before. Steer clear of laser hair removal in the lip area and facial chemical peels for seven days pre-treatment. On the day of your appointment, skip the makeup around the lip area.

After the Treatment: Nurture Your Results

For 30 days post-treatment, embrace maximum sun protection. Utilise a lip balm with SPF30+ throughout the day. Expect slight erythema and swelling in the lip area, which will subside within a few hours. Our aestheticians will guide you through essential after-care to maximise results and prevent complications.


What Does Laser Lip Bleaching Do?


Our laser lip pigmentation treatment targets stubborn melanocytes, causing lips to appear darker.

It rejuvenates the lip area to reveal brighter, more even-toned lips and restores your confidence. The procedure enhances collagen production, improving your lips’ texture and overall outlook. As a result, the lip area appears lighter.

lip pigmentation. lip pigmentation treatment.


  • Removes lip discolouration and darkening
  • Evens out your lip tone
  • Rejuvenates your lips for healthier-looking lips
  • Lightens hyperpigmentation


During the Course of Treatment: Why Completing Matters

Expect variations in lip pigmentation during the course. Patchiness could sometimes happen as we cannot predict how the pigmentation will break down, which is usually the case with people whose pigmentation is very superficial. This is a positive sign that the pigmentation is breaking down. We will continue with the course of laser treatment until the tone is evened out. Continue reading to see the magical transformation of our clients who have had courses of laser lip bleaching at Continental Skin Clinic.


See the Transformations: Before and After

laser lip pigmentation. lip pigmentation treatment results.


These amazing results from our valued client show the successful removal of hyperpigmentation on the lips after a course of 10 laser lip bleaching sessions.

At Continental Skin Clinic, you are able to complete sessions of laser lip bleaching, where you can pay for a single session as you go.

Alternatively, we offer a discounted course price for 10 laser lip bleaching sessions, as this is our most popular treatment.

We recommend this route of treatment as individual results will always vary, but the more consistent you are with your treatment, the better your results will be!


lip pigmentation treatment.

Here is another brilliant transformation from our course of laser lip bleaching treatment.

At Continental Skin Clinic, our commitment is not just to treat but to transform you into your most confident self.

These images reflect the real, tangible results our clients experience on their journey to naturally beautiful lips.



Ready to embark on your own transformation? Consult with our experienced lip pigmentation specialists, and let us guide you towards luscious, vibrant lips.

Contact us now to schedule your consultation and experience the difference.


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