Dermapen Mesotherapy

Experience a total skin rejuvenation with our Dermapen microneedling treatment. It works to tighten and lift skin, effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

Treatment Overview

Treatment Time

20-30 minutes






Up to 5 days

What is dermapen microneedling?

Dermapen microneedling is a minimally invasive, non surgical treatment that is effective for skin rejuvenation. Suitable for all skin types, for both men and women, dermapen involves the use of multiple microneedles that cause controlled, tiny punctures into the skin.

These punctures serve as micro injuries to the skin, causing it to repair itself. This results in the renewed appearance of imperfections such as, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles and even hyperpigmentation.

Treatment with dermapen microneedling can further be enhanced with the application of topical serums. Due to the tiny punctures caused during dermapen treatment, when serums are applied after, their penetration is enhanced and efficacy is greatly increased.

This treatment can be combined with the following procedures:

Advanced Facials


– Ultraformer III (HIFU)

– Infini RF Microneedling

– Anti Wrinkle Injections

– Dermal Fillers

The combination of treatments can be discussed at your consultation following with the bespoke treatment plan.


As the dermapen treatment is non-invasive, you will not need much preparation beforehand. We recommend keeping skin clean and coming in without any makeup applied on the day of treatment.

Drugs that may thin blood such as Aspirin should be avoided, as this may lead to complications during the treatment process.

You can discuss your medical and skincare history during a thorough consultation session with our Doctors. You can also highlight your goals, and we will create a personalized plan for you.


After your dermapen treatment you can expect some redness, tenderness in the area and some bruising. There may also be some spot bleeding from the needle penetration.

It is important to avoid strenuous activities including exercising, swimming and refraining from using hot tubs, steam/sauna room, tanning beds or makeup for at least 48 hours. Don’t rub, touch, or wash the treated area for at least four hours after treatment.

Please, notify us if you experience any unusual discomfort after your treatment; we are always available to provide timely support whenever you need us.


Minimal risk and downtime when administered by qualified doctors

No scarring

Minimal pain and discomfort

Lifts saggy skin

Restores youth to the skin

Reduces wrinkles and scars

Quick procedure

Provides lasting results

What areas can be treated?


Here at Continental Skin Clinic London, we offer dermapen microneedling to target various skin concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The dermapen treatment is able to reduce fine lines and wrinkles via the stimulation of collagen. By creating tiny punctures in the skin, this prods skin cells to heal themselves, resulting in healthier, smoother and stronger skin.


Dermapen treatment can be done on the body to treat different concerns. Many clients are looking to treat not just the face, but also signs of ageing on the body as well.

The treatment with dermapen microneedling can be used to smoothen scarring on the body by boosting collagen production. It also helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on various areas, as well as aiding in the reduction of hyperpigmentation.

What is dermapen treatment?

Dermapen microneedling is a minimally invasive, non surgical procedure effective for skin rejuvenation. Dermapen treatment helps tighten skin, improve scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, and aids the absorption of topical skin care products.

Can dermapen cause scarring?

Here at Continental Skin Clinic London, our aestheticians are trained to ensure treatment is carried out in the safest way. So even though dermapen microneedlng causes micro injuries in skin, there will be no scarring after your treatment.

Is dermapen treatment permanent?

Results from dermapen treatment are long term, but not permanent. We always recommend regular treatments to ensure the results you obtain are visible months after your initial treatment. Also the more treatments you do, the better your skin will age.

Does dermapen microneedling hurt?

Dermapen microneedling is not painful. However there might be slight discomfort as there are tiny needles penetrating your skin. Our specialists are efficient though, so any discomfort is minimal. We also have the option of numbing agents if necessary.

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Our therapists can assess your skin and determine if your rosacea can tolerate treatment. Most times, we try to avoid areas that are largely inflamed, as the dermapen treatment may cause further inflammation.

Dermapen microneedling is used to target pigmentation, so as long as you have treatment at a reputable clinic such as Continental Skin Clinic London, and follow home care advise, then you should not experience any adverse hyperpigmentation.

Dermapen is used to rejuvenate and renew skin, so even though your skin is being penetrated by tiny needles, these are working to repair any current damage, not incurring new ones.

Yes! Dermapen microneedling is very effective at helping to reduce scarring. However your therapist will create a tailored plan depending on your type of scars, which may include additional treatments.

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