Anti Sweat Injections

With simple injections, you can now say goodbye to embarrassing sweaty shirts and bio odours. The treatment takes less than 30minutes and lasts up to 6 months!

Treatment Overview

Treatment Time

30 minutes


7-10 days





What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is also called excessive sweating. It occurs when an individual sweats excessively without exercising, performing strenuous activities, or having a high temperature. People who experience hyperhidrosis may sweat so excessively that it soaks their outfits or drips off their feet. This excessive sweating affects different body parts, including hands, feet, and face.

At the Continental Skin Clinic, we offer certified and trained hyperhidrosis experts who provide immediate and effective treatment to mitigate excessive sweating. After receiving anti-sweat injections from our specialists, you will notice reduced sweating in different body parts, including your eyes, hands, legs, underarms, etc.

The hyperhidrosis procedure at our clinic provides rapid results. You will experience changes in affected areas some days after treatment. So, contact us if you want a hyperhidrosis procedure that offers quick outcomes. Our team will highlight and understand your needs and provide an exceptional service.

This treatment can be combined with the following procedures:

– Ultraformer 3 HIFU

– Dermamelan Intimate Peel

– Laser Hair Removal

– Anti-Wrinkle Injections

– Body Sculpting and Contouring Treatment 

The combination of treatments can be discussed at your consultation following with the bespoke treatment plan.


The first step to preparing for treatment is to get comfortable discussing your concern and expectations with our specialist during your consultation session. 

We advise shaving the area before the treatment and not applying any product such as moisturisers, anti perspirant or deodorants beforehand.

Avoid blood thinners and alcohol prior to the treatment. If unsure please contact our team for more specific information on preparing for your treatment.

It will be helpful to wear comfortable clothing made of natural fabric such as cotton to minimise discomfort following the treatment.


After Treatment for Excessive Sweating we recommend choosing antiperspirants that are 6% to 20% aluminium chloride. These agents can temporarily block sweat pores and reduce sweating.

The treatment is life changing for everyone who suffers from excessive sweating. There is little to no lifestyle changes required following the treatment. Once you have it done, the sky is your limit!

You will be able to wear anything and everything you want without a worry.

Our specialists may recommend other habits to adopt to lengthen the results of your treatment. Get started by scheduling a consultation session.

How does hyperhidrosis treatment work?

Botulinum Toxin can stop excessive sweating by blocking the release of acetylcholine, which mediate sympathetic neurotransmission in the sweat glands.

Injection of Toxin is an effective and safe therapy for severe hyperhidrosis.

Treatment for Excessive Sweating or Anti sweat injections are highly effective in treating hyperhidrosis and allowing you to be more comfortable in your skin and around people. You will no longer be limited in choice when it comes to style and clothing and you will never have to worry about this issue again!

Are anti sweating injections the same as Botox?

Botox one brand of Botulinum Toxin that is used in anti-sweat injections. They treat severe sweating by blocking the nerves that stimulate the sweat gland. They are also used as a cosmetic treatment to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles and achieve a contoured slimmed down look for jaws, shoulders and calf muscles.

Can Toxin improve the skin and appearance of my armpits?

In conjunction with Toxins, we recommend combining with laser hair removal, chemical peel and other treatments to improve the tone, texture and appearance of underarms. You can discuss your concerns with our specialists during your initial consultation.

Are injections for excessive sweating safe?

The FDA approves Botox injections for excessive sweating. It is considered safe and reliable for controlling excessive sweating in patients. However, minimizing the risks involved in obtaining Botox anti sweat injections requires consulting an expert. As specialists, we adopt the correct practices to ensure a safe and effective procedure for our clients. Contact our team to schedule an appointment.

Do anti-sweating injections hurt?

Anti sweat injections may cause minor discomfort, depending on the treatment area. For example, compared to other areas, patients report more pain in the hands and feet because more nerve endings are present there.

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The injections can be used on different body areas, including the underarms, feet, head, or face. The most appropriate body parts depend on where to sweat the most.

Avoid alcohol before your treatment. Drinking wine can increase your chances of bruising after your session. Also, avoiding anti-inflammatory medications a week before your procedure is best. Anti-inflammatory medication may cause bruising and discolouration after treatment.

You may begin to notice the result of your hyperhidrosis four to five days after treatment. Other patients see results within ten to fourteen days. However, optimal results don’t show until fourteen days after treatment.

Although hyperhidrosis treatments are safe, they are associated with rare side effects. This includes severe muscle weakness, fatigue, and discomfort around the treatment area.

You may find the injections uncomfortable but most people do not describe the treatment as painful.

You may be a candidate for anti sweat injections if your sweating fails to improve with prescription strength deodorants. It can also help to reduce sweating in other areas, such as the hands, feet, and face.

Anti sweat injections can last for 4-8 months before another treatment is needed to maintain results

The most effective treatment for excessive sweating is Botox injections, a minimally invasive solution that provides long-lasting relief. Botox helps control excessive sweating by blocking the nerve signals responsible for sweat production. With this treatment, individuals can experience a significant reduction in sweat production, leading to increased comfort and confidence. If you’re seeking a proven and convenient solution for excessive sweating, Botox injections are a highly recommended option.

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