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Laser Nail Fungal Treatment

Laser nail fungal treatment is the safest and most effective way to forever say goodbye to nail fungus infection. It destroys the fungus permanently and offers quick results.

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What is a laser nail fungal treatment?

Laser therapy is an effective treatment for toenail fungus infection (onychomycosis). Laser treatment heats the nail layers housing the fungus to eliminate the genetic substance enabling the fungus’s growth.

Toenail fungus infection changes the nail’s texture and appearance. It thickens infected nails and causes a yellowish discolouration. It also comes with an unpleasant odour and leads to severe pain when left untreated.

Generally, the toenail fungus infection puts clients in uncomfortable situations by altering the nails’ general appearance and causing discomfort. Laser nail fungus treatments at our clinic are safer and more effective than oral medications and home remedies. Our experts harness the most appropriate safety practices to prevent risks and discomfort during and after the treatment.

So, if you experience a toenail fungus infection and want to get rid of it safely, we are the clinic with the specialists you need. Contact our team for a consultation session to discuss your goals and obtain a personalised treatment plan.

This treatment can be combined with the following procedures:

– Healite II LED Light

– Laser Toning Procedures

The combination of treatments can be discussed at your consultation following with the bespoke treatment plan.


The first thing to do when preparing for your laser nail fungal treatment is to request a consultation session with specialists. Discuss your symptoms and give personal information about your medical history, lifestyle habits, and treatment expectations.

This vital information will give our experts insights into the suitable treatment methods and before and after procedure practices to recommend. Also, we suggest cleaning, filing your nails, and removing nail polish when preparing for treatment.

Adopting these simple practices will facilitate your experience for better results. Pre-treatment lifestyle habits are subject to individual needs and expectations. So, reach out to us for a consultation. Our specialists will provide additional details that are specific to your needs.


Aftercare practices are essential to sustain the outcome of laser treatment for fungal nail infections. So apply antifungal cream after your procedure. Antifungal creams with miconazole, butenafine and clotrimazole are great choices. However, avoid using these creams on your nails directly. Instead, apply between your toes, at the bottom of your feet, and around your nails.

Also, we recommend disinfecting your shoes with an antifungal spray at night. Avoid wearing the same shoes daily and apply antifungal powder if you sweat a lot. Buy new clippers and files after treatment, and keep your toenails trimmed and clean.

Finally, embrace adequate personal hygiene. This includes washing all fabrics your feet come in contact with regularly, including socks, trousers, etc., with hot soapy water.

How does a laser nail fungal treatment work?

During your laser nail fungus treatment, our professionals use laser devices that emit energy pulses to produce heat.

Then, we channel the heat towards the toenails, penetrating the nail bed where the fungus resides.

To improve the temperature, we use CO2 lasers of yttrium/aluminium-garnet (YAG) lasers with 870 nm, 930 nm, or 1320 nm. As a result, the infected tissue decomposes, killing the fungus. The laser heat sterilises the nails further to prevent fungus growth in future.

Experts handle your laser for nails with fungus treatment, guaranteeing a safe and effective treatment. The procedure destroys existing fungus in affected areas without damaging surrounding tissue.

It also eliminates the fungus permanently. So, if you are looking for laser nail fungus treatment London experts, you can trust our specialists to perform a successful procedure with long-lasting results. Ready to get started? Book an appointment with us today.

What does laser nail fungal treatment do?

Patients who undergo our laser nail fungal treatment see tremendous changes in laser nail fungus treatment before and after. The procedure destroys the fungus entirely. So, once your treatment is over, you can expect completely fungus-free nails.

Laser nail fungus treatment at our clinic causes no discomfort. Our experts know how to control the processes to mitigate pain for a comfortable procedure. So you never have to worry about pain during and after your treatment.

The procedure is quick and offers immediate results. Our specialists will conduct your laser nail fungus treatment in less than ten minutes. Also, there are no side effects after treatment, making it entirely safe for patients.


  • It destroys the nail fungus permanently
  • It offers quick results
  • It causes no pain
  • It has no downtime

Is nail fungus laser treatment effective?

The FDA has approved different laser device types for nail fungus infection, including GenesisPlus, and PinPoint Footlaser, because laser treatments have proven to be highly effective and safe for nail fungus infection.

While topical antifungal medications and creams are used to treat nail fungus laser treatment, it’s challenging for patients to use them without experiencing side effects.

How many laser treatments for fungal nails can I have?

We recommend 3 to 4 sessions spaced 5 to 6 weeks apart for best results. Undergoing this number of sessions ensures that the fungus is eradicated. However, your unique condition, medical history, and other personal factors determine the number of sessions required. So, book a consultation session to know the number of sessions that is right for you.

Does fungal nail laser treatment hurt?

Our laser nail fungal treatment is painless and offers no discomfort, even without anaesthesia. The only sensation you will feel during the experience is the tingling sensation of the heat in the treatment area. This is because we have the best laser nail fungus treatment London professionals who have mastered delivering a painless laser nail fungus treatment for your comfort. Get in touch with us to begin.

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Fungal nails are mostly not severely harmful. However, they may cause unbearable pain, pungent odour and unsightly appearance because the affected nails become cracked and discoloured. When left untreated, the nails may become fragile, pieces may fall off, and the entire nails may remove. However, a nasal nail fungus treatment eliminates the fungus quickly and permanently.

Fungal nail infection begins at the start of the edge of the nails. Afterwards, it spreads to the middle, causing discolouration and thickness.

A doctor may recommend total nail removal if it has become severely diseased, damaged, and painful. However, fingernails usually grow back within six months and a year.

If you’ve had a fungal nail infection for a long time, we suggest visiting experts for the right treatment recommendations. The Continental Skin Clinic offers specialists that will identify the most suitable laser nail fungus treatment for you.

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