Mesotherapy Treatment

With our mesotherapy treatment, firmer, younger-looking skin is one treatment away. Mesotherapy combats wrinkles and fine lines and brightens the skin. It removes excess fat and improves the hair’s appearance and growth.

Treatment Overview

Procedure duration

20 minutes

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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic technique that involves the injection of vitamins, hormones, enzymes, and plant extracts to revitalise and improve skin elasticity. Our patients undergo mesotherapy to remove unwanted fat from several body parts, including the stomach, thighs, hips, arms, and face. Our mesotherapy reduces cellulite, smoothens wrinkles and fine lines, and recontours the body to the desired shape.

It also lightens pigmented skin and helps with alopecia. While there isn’t a specific standard for mesotherapy treatment, our specialists combine the best solutions to help our clients achieve desired outcomes. From hormones to herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals, we harness the most effective components to meet your needs.

So, if you are looking for the best mesotherapy for skin, face, and hair, the continental skin clinic is the right choice for you. Talk to our experts to know more about our mesotherapy treatment and how to schedule an appointment.

This treatment can be combined with the following procedures:

Advanced Facials


– Ultraformer III (HIFU)

– Infini RF Microneedling

– Anti Wrinkle Injections

– Dermal Fillers

The combination of treatments can be discussed at your consultation following with the bespoke treatment plan.


Our mesotherapy experts will perform a physical examination to determine if the treatment suits you. They’ll identify potential risks and complications to make the proper recommendations. We recommend refraining from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin (Bufferin) a week before treatment.

Although these medicines are pain relievers, they increase your chances of bleeding and bruising during the procedure. Other information about what you must do before your treatment is discussed during your consultation.

We will understand your unique needs and customise the suggestions to fit your lifestyle, skin treatment history, individual skin goals, and conditions. Please reach out to the team to book a consultation.


Aftercare practices are essential to maintain results after your mesotherapy treatment. They will also help you to avoid complications and risks after your procedure. We recommend not taking a shower at least eight hours after your session. Also, we suggest refraining from hot baths to avoid bruising.

Avoid indulging in strenuous activities, including exercises for a minimum of two days after your treatment, as sweat may hamper the effectiveness of your procedure. Stay dehydrated by drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of water on treatment day and a week after. Lastly, we recommend minimising sun exposure for at least two days after treatment to control bruises. If you must stay outdoors, use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

How does mesotherapy work?

Our mesotherapy treatment involves injecting helpful vitamins into the skin layers to manage several skin conditions, including skin laxity, pigmentation, and excess fat.

Our specialists will obtain different injections using a designated needle during the procedure. The depths of the injections to your skin vary based on your skin condition type.

Our experts will target focus areas and adopt the most suitable approach for your goal.

However, you may need to visit the clinic for multiple sessions for a full-blown effect based on the results you want to see.

What are the benefits of mesotherapy?

Our mesotherapy treatment treats a wide range of skin complications. It also targets different areas making us the first point of call for patients seeking mesotherapy for skin, mesotherapy for hair or mesotherapy for the face.

Our treatment removes excess fat in different areas of the skin. It also improves hair conditions and prevents skin sagging. Mesotherapy is non-invasive, so it’s an excellent choice for patients who want to improve their skin’s appearance without surgery. It also boosts elastin and collagen production for supple and firm skin.

Contact our team if you are uncomfortable with dry skin and want to hydrate it for a radiant glow. Our experts know just the right components to combine for excellent skin rejuvenation. Our treatment is also one of the best ways to combat stubborn fat. It also helps with alopecia so that hair grows progressively.

Since mesotherapy offers many functions, we aim as experts to understand your skin conditions and target the treatment to meet them. A consultation session is where you discuss your goals with a professional. So, book a consultation session for a personalised mesotherapy experience.


  • Prevents sagging skin
  • Hydrates and rejuvenates the skin
  • Removes excess fat
  • Improves pigmentation
  • Treats alopecia

How long does mesotherapy last?

Our mesotherapy treatment provides long-lasting effects, provided you adopt the correct practices after treatment. Typically, you will see results for about three to five months. However, treatment areas will return to their initial state before treatment after twelve months. So, we recommend visiting the clinic regularly for proper maintenance.

How many mesotherapy sessions are needed?

Multiple sessions are required to achieve the best results with your treatment, whether mesotherapy for hair, mesotherapy for skin, or mesotherapy for the face.

You may need to visit the clinic about three to fifteen times. The first treatment will require you to receive injections every seven to ten days, based on the doctor’s discretion. However, you may begin to visit the clinic once a month for treatment when you start seeing results.

Is mesotherapy the same as microneedling?

Mesotherapy and microneedling are different treatment types. Mesotherapy injects active ingredients into the skin layer to treat several skin issues. For example, it improves hair growth, removes unwanted fat, and revitalises the skin. However, microneedling treats more severe skin conditions like surgical and acne scars.

Is mesotherapy safe?

The mesotherapy treatment is non-invasive, making it a safe procedure when performed by professionals.

Your safety is our priority at the Continental Skin Clinic, so we offer the safest resources, processes, and recommendations.

You can be sure of safety when we work with you because we have the insight, experience, and knowledge to execute harmless mesotherapy procedures. Please talk to us if you want to know more about how we conduct safe mesotherapy treatment. We are available to walk you through our process and answer any questions.

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Popular Treatments


Mesotherapy for theface targets the conditions on the face. It removes excess fat and tightens and rejuvenates the face for a youthful appearance.

Mesotherapy for hair improves the hair’s volume and quality by applying vitamins, amino acids, and other hair-busting micro-injections and hair-boosting components into the layers of the skin.

Mesotherapy controls hair loss by inserting nutrient-filled injections into the layers of the skin. As a result, the hair becomes fuller and healthier.

The common side effects of mesotherapy include bumps, swelling, and bruising in the injection area. It may also cause redness and dark patches on the skin.

Mesotherapy is not a filer because it doesn’t replace the skin’s volume loss. However, it stimulates collagen and elastin production, revitalising and plumping the skin.

Mesotherapy is not a painful procedure. Also, it may cause slight discomfort during the process; the discomfort can be minimised with a numbing cream or controlled actions from the specialist.

Although mesotherapy does not work primarily to remove fat, it removes pocket fats in the belly, chin, and other areas.

Mesotherapy is not a permanent skin procedure. Results last between three to five months. We suggest repeating the treatment after a year to maintain the result.

Mesotherapy helps eliminate acne by reducing oil production in the skin. It also stimulates new skin cells for effective skin rejuvenation.

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