Non-Invasive BBL

If you aspire for a firmer and better-looking bum but cannot achieve the desired result by diet and exercise alone, a non-invasive bbl is your best choice. It works to lift, tone and plump your behind.

Treatment Overview

Procedure duration

20 minutes

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Expected Results

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What is a Non-Invasive BBL?

As implied by the name, a non-invasive bbl is done without surgery. Rather than the process of fat transfer and liposuction, which are invasive surgical procedures, a non-invasive procedure utilises dermal fillers to round the buttocks the way a surgical but lift would do. This treatment option is best for those looking to sculpt and shape their buttocks naturally without surgery.

You can use various options to achieve the butt you deserve, and the process is non-invasive. This procedure is ideal for people looking for a more rounded, feminine, and firmer end. Our non-invasive bbl gives your buttocks a more defined and plumper look. The process is non-invasive, and the result appears over the months after the completion of the procedure.

A non-invasive bbl is the solution to get lifted and shaped buttocks with no side effects.


Our experts have all the necessary experience to ensure a safe procedure. During the consultation, our experts will inform you how many ml of product and sessions you need for the best results. In addition, during consultations, we’ll clarify your beauty goals to determine the best treatment to get you the desired outcome.

Depending on your goal, you need 2-3 sessions to get the best result. You might have to make some diet changes before the procedure, like avoiding fatty foods and heavy meals before the treatment. You should also avoid alcohol and caffeine before treatment. We cannot perform the non-invasive bbl procedure if the skin is red or irritated.

Our non-invasive bbl treatments are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.


You might feel tender immediately after the procedure. However, minimum redness, pain, and swelling are expected in the first few days. Our treatments also work in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and diet, including consuming at least 2 litres of water daily.

You should avoid alcohol 24 hours after treatment. Also, do not eat fatty foods or a heavy meal an hour after treatment. It would be best if you also avoided physical activities and the gym for a week. It’s also necessary to avoid sun exposure on the skin for two weeks after treatment for a smooth healing process.

Our professionals will provide you with specific post-treatment care instructions after your treatment. We also recommend a review of your progress after 12 weeks through a follow-up appointment.

How Does the Non-Surgical Bum Lift Work?

It can be difficult to manipulate the shape and size of the buttock through exercise and diet. Genetics is one of the factors that can limit the result you can achieve.

Dieting alone also can’t target specific areas of the body, and exercising can be frustrating and time-consuming when you’re not getting the desired result.

This is why many people achieve the shape and plump look on their butt through our non-surgical butt-lift procedure. In addition, our methods make your butt feel rounder and fuller, increasing your confidence level.

Depending on the result you want, here’s how our non-surgical bum lift works: It provides a slow but significant increase in skin thickness, improving the appearance of sunken and folded areas. The injections below the skin surface stimulate the body to form new collagen, resulting in skin thickness and tightening.

It works like a seed, stimulating the production of new collagen and replacing the old and damaged collagen caused by ageing. New collagen is produced, creating a soft, natural feel that takes on the features of the surrounding skin tissue.

What Does the Non-Surgical Bum Lift Do?

Our non-surgical bum creates a naturally defined and contoured bum by minimizing the sagging pockets of fat, toning up the gluteal muscles and tightening the skin. It shapes, sculpt and firm the buttocks for a better body silhouette.

In addition, the procedure contours lift and improve the skin textures quickly and strongly. It tightens and lifts saggy butt cheeks, minimizing the appearance of banana roll fat (the layer of fat between the buttocks and the top of the thigh).

It also invokes a natural process beneath the skin’s surface, ensuring natural results that will last many years. The collagen produced in your body will give you an increased size, better shape and the perfect proportions. Our non-surgical bum lift builds up your glute muscles to create size and strength beneath the skin.

Therefore, any muscles you add to your glute will make the result of the procedure look even better. It smoothens the skin texture on your buttons and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It also smoothens and erases imperfections like dents and dimples on your bum to enhance its look.


  • The procedure is fast and safe
  • Results are gradual but long-lasting
  • Defines and sculpts your bum
  • It is comfortable and proven to work
  • It gives you an extra edge in the gym
  • It’s minimally invasive
  • No need for endless squats
  • You can resume your regular activities immediately
  • Enhances your natural curves
  • Increases the volume of the buttocks
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite

If you want to achieve a sculpted and shaped bum, our non-surgical bum lift treatment is for you.

How Long Does Non-Surgical Bum Lift Last?

The results of our non-surgical bum lift procedure are natural and long-lasting. Once you achieve the final results, it can last up to two years or more without follow-up appointments. In the best-case scenario, results from our non-surgical bum lift procedure can last up to four years. However, everyone is different, and your lifestyle and genetic predisposition can affect how long the non-surgical bum lift lasts.

Is Non-Surgical Bum Lift the Same as Brazilian Bum Lift?

No, they’re not. The main difference between the two procedures is the process. Brazilian butt lift is surgical and semi-invasive, unlike the non-invasive non-surgical bum lift procedure. The recovery time is also different from the Brazilian bum lift procedure requiring up to 6 weeks before the swelling subsides. With a non-surgical bum lift, you can return to your daily activities in just a few days.

A Brazilian butt lift requires a single treatment, while a non-surgical butt lift requires 2-4 sessions to get maximum results. However, the non-surgical procedure has no downtime, unlike the Brazilian bum lift.

Are There Any Side Effects to Non-Surgical Bum Lift?

The most common side effects of non-surgical injections are minor but could include redness, pain, tenderness, swelling or bruising. These side effects generally last for just a few days after the procedure. It’s not common for patients to experience some bruising after our procedure, and you might notice some early nodules after the procedure. However, this would automatically be resolved within a few weeks.

Is a non-surgical bum lift dangerous?

No, it isn’t. Non-Surgical bum lift with Continental Skin Clinic is pain-free. Although there might be side effects like bleeding, bumps, lumps, redness, or bruising right after the procedure, there are no long-term complications. To maximize your comfort during the procedure, we use a local anaesthetic. The treatments are also minimally invasive, so the procedure has no dangers.

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This procedure isn’t permanent, as results tend to fade without follow-up appointments. However, the non-surgical butt lift procedure can last up to 18-24 depending on your body type and lifestyle.

We want to ensure you’re happy and achieve the optimal result from the procedure. Therefore, we advise you to schedule a review appointment weeks after the procedure to check the procedure’s outcome. If you’re also concerned about aspects of your treatment, the clinic is always available to help.

It can be challenging to determine the number of sessions required without seeing the treatment area. However, an average of 2-4 sessions is recommended to get an impressive result. Sometimes, multiple treatments are recommended to get a particular shape, size, and total volume amount.

The best things always take time, and the non-surgical butt lift isn’t any different. This procedure doesn’t provide instant gratifications because it involves a natural process. However, you might notice a visible plumping effect right after the appointment. More dramatic results tend to appear months after the treatment. You can book follow-up appointments to add to the results gotten.

After your sessions, you can book follow-up appointments to improve the results you’ve gotten ensuring long-term results. Follow-up appointments ensure the continuous production of collagen to achieve desired results. An experienced doctor performs our non-surgical butt lift procedures.

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