Lip Pigmentation

Hyper (darkening), or Hypo (lightening) pigmentation of the lips occurs due to many triggers such as environmental, hormonal, medical, chemical or genetical. Here at Continental Skin Clinic London, we are able to treat your concerns regardless of the causes.

What is lip pigmentation?

Lip pigmentation is the darkened appearance of lips. This is caused by an excess production of melanin, which results in lips being darker than other areas of the face. Some types of lip pigmentation occur from physical damage to the lip area, such as cuts, scraps, or peeling from excessive dryness caused by chapping.

Causes of lip pigmentation

There are a few reasons why lips may appear dark, some of which we have highlighted below:


    • Some people are born with a naturally darker lip colour, it is possible to also lighten these lip types with our treatments.


    • Physical damage to the lips can cause hyperpigmentation, on the lip, in cases like this we offer various options to target these spots.

Lifestyle Factors:

    • Smoking – One of the most common reasons for dark lips is smoking. The heat from smoking can cause lips to darken over time, especially if you smoke frequently.
    • Environment – Certain external factors may affect the colour of your lips, such as sun exposure or pollution.

How we can help

Here at Continental Skin Clinic London, we offer various treatments that help to treat lip pigmentation such as:

  • Laser Lip Bleaching: Our laser penetrates the lips to target pigmentation to break it down, while the body naturally expels it over time.
  • Medical Camouflage: A special technique that uses tattoo pigments to conceal scarring, hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation in the lip area.
  • Ruvy Touch: This involves targeting specific spots or patches of hyperpigmentation on the lips to lighten them over time.
  • Lip Neutralisation: For clients looking for a more even tone to their lip colour, our qualified therapists are able to mix special tattoo pigments to achieve your colour choice.
  • Glutathione IV: When glutathione is administered into the system, it has the benefits of brightening the skin. This overall brightening effect is also apparent in the lips.

We recommend having a consultation prior to the pigmented lips treatment, where our experts will assess the areas you wish to treat and generate a bespoke treatment plan for you.

How to prevent lip pigmentation

Although darkened lips can sometimes be genetic, there a few practices you can adopt to prevent reoccurrence after successful treatment with us at Continental Skin Clinic. Some of which are:

  • Wearing lip balm with SPF can protect lips from sun damage and darkening.
  • Stopping smoking will prevent lips from getting dark again after treatment.
  • Lip hydrating injections keep lips moist, ensuring they don’t chap and cause discolouration.

Treatments for lip pigmentation

skin booster injections

Skin Boosters

For intense skin hydration, skin laxity, all-round glow and suppleness, look no further than our injectable skin boosters (mesotherapy).

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glutathione injections

Glutathione Injection

Bring instant hydration, a boost of healthy vitamins/nutrients and a touch of brightness to your complexion with our range of IM Booster Shots.

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Semi Permanent Makeup

Micro pigmentation is a medical tattoo in which pigment (colour) is implanted into the skin to enhance colour and appearance.

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Laser Lip Bleaching

Darkening of the lips is very common and is a typically harmless condition. This is caused by an excess of melanin and can be the result of hyperpigmentation.

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Lip pigmentation may be treated through various ways. Here at Continental Skin Clinic, we offer various options to improve the appearance of lip pigmentation.

Lip pigmentation may be hyper or hypo. Many factors can lead to pigmentation on lips, including sun exposure, medication and even genetics.

When we treat lip pigmentation, we can improve the appearance, however your lifestyle choices and maintenance will determine stability of the long term results.

Making sure lips are moisturised with a lip balm can surely help reduce lip hyperpigmentation. However it is best to book a consultation with a qualified aesthetician such as those at Continental Skin Clinic London to decide on a suitable treatment for your concerns.

The optimal number of sessions varies between each client, but at Continental Skin Clinic we offer a discounted course of 10 sessions which should help you to achieve the long-term results you’re looking for!

Yes we do, our consultations are thorough and informative. At Continental Skin Clinic we offer the best in skincare and laser treatments with knowledgable staff who are specialists in their field. Book a consultation today by filling out the form below!

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