Sagging Underarms

This can be loose skin and tissue in the underarms and lower arm area that gives an aesthetically unpleasing appearance. Our therapists are qualified to help you in improving this condition of sagging underarms at Continental Skin Clinic London.

Causes of Sagging Underarms

Sagging underarms can be caused by weight loss, leading to skin becoming saggy. Also as we age, skin looses collagen and elastin making areas appear more saggy.

This treatment can be combined with the following procedures:

– Ultraformer 3 HIFU

– Dermamelan Intimate Peel

– Laser Hair Removal

– Laser Hair Bleaching

– Body Sculpting and Contouring Treatment 

– Anti Sweat Injections 

The combination of treatments can be discussed at your consultation following with the bespoke treatment plan.

How we can help

Infini RF microneedling will help with Sagging Underarms creating a 3d lift in the underarm and lower arm area.

HIFU technology can target as deep as the fat cells to shrink the area and tighten the layers of the skin above.

How to prevent sagging underarms

The best way to prevent this issue is by keeping the skin in the area supple with a good skincare routine; moisturising the skin regularly, using a serum or product in that area to stimulate cell turnover and protecting from sun damage with a good spf.

You can also prevent with regular exercise and advanced treatments to keep skin tight and to maintain good collagen production in the skin.

Treatments for Sagging Underarms

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Over time, the skin begins to age, collagen and elastin break down, and fine lines or wrinkles start to appear on the skin.

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skin booster injections

Skin Boosters

For intense skin hydration, skin laxity, all-round glow and suppleness, look no further than our injectable skin boosters (mesotherapy).

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Fractional Microneedling RF

Many patients want to look younger. With age, the quality and elasticity of the skin deteriorate, creating fine lines and wrinkles,

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HIFU treatment, HIFU before and after

HIFU Ultraformer III

FDA and CE approved, Ultraformer III treatment is the most advanced HIFU technology which acts as a non-surgical alternative for a facelift.

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Loose, sagging skin under the arms may be due to natural aging, occur after weight loss, or as a result of your genetics.

Yes! Our treatments, such as HIFU and Fractional RF Microneedling can help reverse sagging skin on arms. Also, building muscle through exercise can improve the appearance of sagging skin.

Yes! Loose skin can be tightened through various treatments at our clinic.

To address sagging underarm skin, consider incorporating targeted exercises into your routine that focus on the triceps and chest muscles. Strength training helps tone and firm the underlying tissues. Additionally, maintaining a healthy weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise can prevent further sagging. For a more immediate improvement, non-surgical options like radiofrequency treatments or laser therapy can enhance skin elasticity. Consult with a skincare professional to discuss personalized solutions and determine the most suitable approach for getting rid of sagging underarm skin. Consistency in both lifestyle and selected treatments is key to achieving and maintaining optimal results.

Engaging in targeted underarm sagging skin exercise is essential for toning and strengthening the triceps and surrounding muscles. Incorporate exercises like tricep dips, push-ups, and overhead tricep extensions into your routine to specifically target this area. Aim for a balanced workout routine that includes both strength training and cardiovascular exercises to promote overall skin health. Consistency in performing these underarm sagging skin exercises will contribute to firming and toning the underarm area over time. Remember, results may vary, and it’s advisable to consult with a fitness professional or healthcare provider to ensure a tailored exercise plan aligned with your individual needs and goals.

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