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Dermamelan Intimate Peel

Dermamelan Intimate Peel is a corrective depigmenting chemical peel treatment that yields effective results in the short and long term, correcting discolouration of the genito-perineal zone, the perianal zone, the mons pubis, inner thighs and groin.

Treatment Overview

Treatment Time

3-4 hours






Up to 3 weeks

What is dermamelan intimate peel?

Dermamelan Intimate Peel is a non-invasive skincare treatment that uses a combination of unique active ingredients to effectively reduce hyperpigmentation or discolouration and even out skin tone.

Here at Continental Skin Clinic, our Dermamelan Intimate Peel treatment is specifically formulated to treat hyperpigmentation and general discolouration in all the locations of the intimate area.

The treatment involves applying a specialised formula with acids including Phytic Acid, Kojic Acid, and other active ingredients, to the affected areas to minimise discolouration and restore an even toned complexion.

This treatment can be combined with the following procedures:

– Healite II LED Treatment

– Chemical Peels

– Laser Toning

The combination of treatments can be discussed at your consultation following with the bespoke treatment plan.


Prior to your Dermamelan Intimate Peel, you should ensure the treatment are has been shaved 72hrs before treatment.

Ideally hair should be waxed, but shaving is also allowed. Refrain from use of depilatory creams as this may irritate the treatment area.

Skin that has been shaved on the day of treatment, or less than 72hrs prior can not be treated so as to avoid and adverse reactions.

Also ensure that the treatment area is clean and free from topical products on the day of your Dermamelan Intimate Peel.


After your Dermamelan Intimate Peel, your skin may be sensitive a red for a few hours, however this is normal and should subside in a couple of days.

Excessive heat, swimming, saunas, sweating and sports should be avoided for 3 weeks after your treatment. Sexual intercourse should also be avoided for 48hrs after treatment.

Our trained aestheticians will provide you with suitable after care products to be used at home. These will enhance the results after the peel.


  • Minimal risk and downtime
  • No scarring
  • Brightens skin
  • Even skin tone and complexion
  • Can treat ingrown hair in the intimate area
  • Softens skin in the intimate area
  • Suitable for all ages, 18+
  • Minimal pain and discomfort
  • Quick procedure
  • Provides lasting results

How does dermamelan intimate peel work?

The Dermamelan Intimate peel involves a two-phase protocol designed to address hyperpigmentation. The initial phase takes place during an in clinic treatment, where an intensive depigmentation action is achieved through the application of a peel and mask, to deeply exfoliate your skin and break down the melanocytes. 

The second phase takes place at home, 48 hours after completing the in-clinic treatment. During this phase, Dermamelan intimate peeling gel is applied at night, following the specific guidelines and recommendations given by the professional. Monitoring and following the home protocol diligently are essential to achieve the desired results in both the short and long term.

Are dermamelan intimate peeling results better than other treatments?

Other treatments, such as laser, have a corrective action on spots by removing pigment in the skin, but they don’t avoid the reappearance of spots. Dermamelan Intimate Peel has a dual action – corrective and regulatory – to treat the root of the problem by controlling the overproduction of pigment and to keep it from reappearing.

Is the dermamelan intimate peel painless?

During the initial phase and after the treatment in the clinic, the skin is red and may feel hot, but this sensation is mild and expected and disappears after 24-48 hours. During the at-home stage, minor peeling is normal and the area may feel sensitive at times. These effects clear up after applying the home products recommended by your specialist.

Will the hyperpigmentation in my intimate area disappear completely and forever?

After treatment, the hyperpigmentation is significantly reduced; however, wherever there was a spot, there will always be a tendency for it to reappear. Because of this, it is essential to adhere to the home treatments by using Dermamelan intimate peel gel and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

It is always recommended to do a full course of laser hair removal as sometimes the darkness of hair follicles can be misunderstood as a hyperpigmentation. Another reason why this procedure should be done after or combined with laser hair removal is that excess of hair can cause hyperpigmentation and ingrown hairs.

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It is a topical treatment that combines one session in our London clinic with an in-home cosmetic treatment to lighten hyperpigmentation and discolouration in the intimate area.

Since the treatment is topical, it is not invasive does not prevent you from leading a normal life. However, you have to adapt your daily habits as needed to follow home after-care treatment and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

Since the intimate area is an area where direct sun exposure can be avoided, the treatment can be done at any time of year.

Most patients see wonderful and sufficient results after just one session, however each skin type is different. When you come in for your initial consultation, one of our specialists will create a treatment plan specifically for your skin concerns.

The Dermamelan treatment in clinic is applied with a spatula to the area, then the Dermamelan intimate gel is applied 48 hours after to the treated area.

The best way to treat hyperpigmentation in the intimate area is with Dermamelan intimate as it is designed for this area it is less likely to cause unnecessary irritation, where this method also involves an at home product you will address the problem from the root and re-educate your melanocytes to inhibit their overproduction. 

It will help to work on the deep-developed pigment and gradually fade the area away.

We do not recommend to use glycolic acid peel or  tca peel at home or in-clinic, as it can lead to burning skin during the actual procedure as these types of peels have strong exfoliating effect.

It would be unethical to call it skin whitening treatment or body bleaching treatment, however, it will de pigment the area and lead to the natural decrease of pigmentation and fading as an end point result.

We do not recommend to use Pink intimate system as you would be supported with a specific aftercare and products from Dermamelan chemical peel, as well as a factor that Dermamelan pigmentation treatment is more invasive and working deeper with the pigmentation too.

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